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Work and Asbestos-related diseases, Part Two

The Occupational Health and Safety Act of Ontario, for instance, states that asbestos is classified as a designated substance in some workplaces. Hence employers are obliged to provide safety measures when they use a designated substance like asbestos. The employer can only keep the amount of asbestos dust low, in order to reduce or decrease the possibilities of its workers of getting ill due to asbestos fibers inhalation or swallowing. Designated Substances are hazardous substances that can be a biological, chemical or physical agent or combination thereof prescribed as a designated substance to which the exposure of a worker is prohibited, regulated, restricted, limited or controlled. Some regulations specify different procedures to control designated substances such as Acrylonitrile, Arsenic, Asbestos, Asbestos - Construction, Building and Repair, Benzene, Coke Oven Emissions, Ethylene Oxide, Isocyanates, Lead, Mercury, Silica and Vinyl Chloride among others. The Occupational Health and Safety Act mentioned states that the employer has to review the work methods and assess the likelihood of worker exposure, when a designated substance such as asbestos is present in the workplace. The control program, when there are risks of worker exposure to hazardous minerals like asbestos that can produce asbestosis or another asbestos-related diseases (malignant mesothelioma cancer for instance), must include engineering controls, work practices, hygiene practices, record keeping and medical surveillance. In conclusion, the Occupational Health and Safety Act mentioned states that the employer has to review the works methods and so on, but who is worried about the measures to take in houses´ asbestos workers, certainly in a passive way asbestos workers carry asbestos particles in their clothes into houses, in fact later of 30-50 years carring these particles this could develop the ill in members of their families, so The Occupational Health and Safety does its job, but we must be aware too and do ours.

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