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Heart Disease: Premature Cardiovascular Disease

Last researchers pointing that women who suffer during pregnancy certain complications could be more likely to develop a special kind of premature cardiovascular disease, according to these studies published, mothers with maternal placental syndrome have double risk of developing cardiovascular disease in a early state, and if we talk about maternal placental syndromes we could mention it syndromes such as; pre-aclampsia and high blood pressure for instance. In cases where pitifully the baby died or his growth was restricted, the odds will increase further, so the risk of developing a premature cardiovascular disease after a maternal placental syndrome is higher, this will very probably in the case where the fetus is adversely affected. A piece of advise for mothers in order to prevent, is measure their blood pressure to see if it is at a normal level, this could be 4 or 6 months after the birth, other cardiovascular disease risk factors could be obesity, raised cholesterol levels, smoking and insulin resistance. To say, the maternal placental syndrome should be considered as an additional risk factor for cardiovascular disease. The link between placenta problems in pregnancy and heart disease has been assessed by scientists in a recently study with more than 1.000.000.- healthy women, about 75.000.- were diagnosed with maternal placental syndrome, 7.5 %. The big problem is that there is a pandemic of obesity in our midst, whoever could think that we must ensure that women are a healthy weight before they enter their reproductive years. In conclusion, this article tell us about the importance to reduce our premature cardiovascular disease risks, and that may be done with preventive controls' blood pressure for instance or with a healthy weight before, during and after pregnancy and controlling the other risk factors for cardiovascular disease, but the most important in my personal opinion is to learn all aspects involving in pregnancy and maybe this article could be a little bit useful by someone in this beautiful process.

Article written by Hector Milla, editor of where you can read about Heart Disease Symptom, or for acne treatment tips, you can reproduce this article in your website if you keep a live link and this resource box intact.

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