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Diabetes: blood pressure risks in diabetics people

The major concern in diabetics people with high blood pressure (130/80 mmHG or more), it is the risk developing a heart disease, specifically to suffer a heart attack –last researches pointing that sixty five percent of deaths in diabetics people are heart attacks- in the other hand people with low blood pressure might suffer a damage in the nerves that supply blood vessels, the symptoms might be: faintness, anxiety, dizziness, among others. Some people believe low blood pressure can cause: tiredness and depression too.

The people above are who may suffer some kind of diabetes, diabetes type 1 and diabetes type 2.

Majority people, seventy three percent people with diabetes believe - according last researches - that high blood pressure; heart disease and stroke in adults are linked with risks of heart attacks. These ones believe too, that if they take a healthy balance diet, they will avoid get worse their disease, but a last research in people with diabetes revealed the true -, “The effects in the exchange of a carbohydrate with monounsaturated fats, might not increase a blood pressure in short time, but you should consider that in the long time this one might increase, in a modest degree.

The research quoted above was made in people that suffer the second type of diabetes. And measured result from at least six weeks studies in those patients.

In conclusion, diabetes is a disease in which part of the body does not work properly, because it does not produces necessary insulin - hormone that convert sugar and other foods in energy –. There are two types of diabetes: type 1 – person is completely dependent of insulin -and type 2 – sometimes is treated by medication- and in this article we have reviewed a research done by Texas University, the biggest question is of course, how do we reduce risks of heart attacks?, because this is the major concern factor for diabetics.

Article written by Hector Milla editor of, if you want to know more about diabetes testing supply, or to see a full list of their articles visit

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