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Importance of Maintenance your Body

Nothing beats feeling your best. When everything is running smoothly and your energy is high, you’re ready to enjoy all the good things in life.

The downside to feeling good is taking your good health for granted. When nothing is bothering you, it’s easier to ignore doing the things that keep you healthy.

A common comparison made in the health field is taking care of your car. Many people are more aware of the need to maintain a regular schedule for tune-ups and oil changes than they are for their own bodies. Obviously, there’s no comparison between the importance of your health and that of your car. We expect to replace several vehicles during our driving years—but your body is by far the most important “vehicle” you have! After all, a car is a fairly simple mechanical device compared to the human body.

Your maintenance plan for your body is which fuel you put in your tank, how much wear and tear you subject yourself to, and all the other choices you make that affect the way you feel tomorrow and in the future.

Remember, your body strives to maintain optimum health by keeping all of its systems in balance. Along with proper nutrition, exercise and rest, massage therapy relaxes tense muscles and stimulates the body’s communication lines to help it do its job—and to keep you feeling your best.

If you think of your massage therapy sessions as your body’s periodic tune-ups, you may ask how they can help you to keep cruising down the highway of life.

Regular therapeutic massage helps to release a muscles tension and greatly benefit your overall health and well-being.

The most obvious benefit shared by virtually everyone is that a full body massage therapy makes you feel great! Once people experience a therapeutic massage for themselves, most of them are hooked.

The more you learn about massage, the more you’ll benefit from each of your sessions. This overview touches some of the basic massage benefits available to you.


  • alleviates stress and increase energy
  • aids digestion
  • improves circulation and nervous system
  • relieves tension in muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons
  • aids detoxification
  • improves range of motion and much more...

Massage therapy restores flexibility and strength to your muscles, releases tension and toxins such as lactic acid and improves their overall function.

Proper circulation is vital to health. Your blood and lymph carry nourishment to cells and then carry away the waste. Massage encourages a better exchange of nutrients at the cellular level and thorough detoxification. The future “you” is determined by how well your cells regenerate themselves, so this is a critical part of remaining healthy.

The nervous system is your communication network, sending messages constantly that determine proper functioning throughout your body. Stress can affect the ability of the nervous system to do its job. The many nerve endings found in the skin and muscles are soothed by massage, and this contributes to keeping your internal lines of communication open and operational.

Massage also aids in maintaining flexibility in your joints, such as the knee, hip, spine, shoulder, and neck. These joints are thoroughfares for nerves, veins and arteries, so their freedom of movement allows energy and blood to flow.

A lot of studies have shown therapeutic massage to have positive effects on conditions from colic to hyperactivity to diabetes to migraines. Massage helps asthmatics breathe easier, boost immune function in HIV-positive patients, improve autistic children’s ability to concentrate, lower anxiety in depressed adolescents.

Scientists are now finding that medical massage can reduce blood pressure and heart rate, improve breathing, dampen harmful stress hormones and raise mood-elevating brain chemicals such as serotonin.

And you can’t beat massage for relaxation. Babies fall asleep faster when massaged than when rocked—and they stay asleep. People report that therapeutic massage improves their deep sleep.

From assembly lines to corporate headquarters, Americans are discovering the magic of massage. At Boeing and Reebok, headaches, back strain and fatigue have all fallen since the companies started bringing in massage therapists.

As you can see, massage therapy offers more benefits than you may have imagined. Isn’t it good to know that something that feels so great can contribute to your long-term health as well? Getting therapeutic massage frequently can play a huge part in how healthy you will be and how youthful you’ll remain with each passing year


So, make regular massage a priority in your life for a healthier tomorrow! Budgeting time and money for medical massage at consistent intervals is truly an investment in your health.

Work with your therapist to establish a treatment plan that best meets your needs. What can be more important than your health? By taking care of yourself today you’ll save money for medical expenses in the future. Let’s work together to help you get the most from your massages—see you at your next appointment!


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