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Benefits of Medical Massage for Relieving Fascia Pain and Tension

Do you know what fascia is? Most people have never heard of it, yet it’s literally everywhere throughout your body. And the role it plays is an important one.

What is fascia?

The World Book Dictionary defines fascia as “a usually thin band of fibrous connective tissue covering, supporting, or binding together a muscle, part, or organ; tissue of this kind.” The word comes from the Latin fascia, meaning a band or girdle. This connective tissue forms a continuous net throughout the body, from head to toe and from skin to the deepest levels.

All of the body’s components —the blood vessels, nerves, muscles, etc.—make their way through this fascia that has a fluid called ground substance. Ground substance is the medium in which all those cellular body functions—nutrients and hormones being delivered to cells, wastes being carried away, etc.—take place.

The substance that gives connective tissue its strength is the protein collagen. These collagen fibers derive their strength from their ability to form strong chemical bonds with each other. Over the years, these fibers tend to pack more tightly and strengthen their bonds. These areas of chronic stress in the connective tissue thicken and rigidify, lose their range of motion, and impose their limitations on the movement of the body. This unwanted bonding is one of the major factors in the stiffness associated with old age, repeated strain, or poorly healed injuries.”

Because fascia is a continuous web spreading throughout your body, it can play a major role in how your body functions. Since it’s a gel, ground substance can change in consistency.

When a body is active (through work, exercise, stretching, etc.), it generates heat that creates a more ideal condition for the ground substance—one in which it becomes thinner or more liquid. This allows for better metabolic exchange to take place throughout your body, helping your body to better maintain proper health.

If a body is less active, the connective tissues are not as warmed or energized, allowing the ground substance to thicken; the tissues become sluggish and lose their ability to stretch, soften and flex.

One of the health benefits of therapeutic deep tissue massage is the positive effect it has on this process in the body.

Massage therapy is helping your tight or sore muscles while soothing and relaxing you. It also is playing another vital health role. The deep pressure, motion, and friction created by deep manipulation raise thermal levels far beneath the surface. In addition, the squeezing, stretching, and contorting of the connective tissues creates a cleansing, flushing effect. Large amounts of toxins and wastes ... can be thus moved out of the intercellular fluids and into the bloodstream, from which they can then be eliminated. T

his information only scratches the surface on fascia and the roles it plays in your body, but it should give you a better understanding of how your regular massage therapy sessions can benefit you. If you have questions, just ask!


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