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Frequently Asked Questions

Have Questions?

We have listed the most common questions and answers to help answer any questions that you might have. If you can't find the answer to your question(s) in this section you can email us your question at info@holisticmedicalmassage.com or call us at (253) 564-8431.

Most common questions:

Q: Will my health insurance cover Medical Massage?

A: As long as you truly have a medical condition where you have discomfort or pain, there are many different ways to get insurance coverage for your medical massage treatments. Our office manager at the Holistic Medical Massage Clinic in Tacoma has had many years of experience billing insurance for massage therapy treatments and knows the "in and outs" of getting your insurance to cover the majority of your massage treatment costs.

Q: Will medical massage really help me with my condition?

A: Our therapists have success with most cases that involve the muscle-skeletal system. We are able to help our patients where they have tried many other types of health care modalities that were not able to offer them any relief. Our approach is unique and different even when you compare it to other massage techniques, chiropractic, physical therapy or pharmacologically based treatment. Aren't you tired of not finding a solution to your pain? Aren't you tired of consistently having to medicate yourself to receive any relief?

Q: How long does a Medical Massage session last?

A: Our Medical Massage therapy treatments tend to last about an hour.

Q: Why hasn't my doctor ever recommended that I receive Medical Massage Therapy?

A: Well, to be quite honest we're not sure. We do know that more and more medical doctors are prescribing and recommending massage therapy for a variety of health conditions In a survey of 751 physicians when asked about their experience with complementary and alternative medicine*, massage proved the most used and recommended therapy. 70% of the surveyed physicians either reported personal use of massage therapy or stated that they would be likely to recommend massage therapy to their patients.*

Q: I have been denied coverage by health insurance before, should I still contact you to see if my health insurance will cover medical massage at your clinic?

A: YES! It may not matter if you have been denied health insurance coverage for massage in the past. We have many different options that may still allow you to get the massage treatment you need covered by some form of insurance. You don't know if you don't try. Let us work for you and allow us to use our expertise to gain authorization for your massage treatments.

Q: Do I need a doctor's referral or prescription to the Holistic Medical massage Clinic in Tacoma to have my Medical Massage treatments covered by my health insurance?

A: Yes. Let us work for you and allow us to use our expertise to gain authorization for your massage treatments.


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