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Your health is your wealth, guard it with knowledge, understanding, and wisdom.

Health Insurance Coverage

Do You Realize... You Probably Have Health Insurance Coverage For Many Services Offered By The Holistic Medical Massage Clinic in Tacoma?

Due to public demand and revised healthcare regulations, progressive managed healthcare plans cover medical massage therapy.

Most likely your health insurance will cover medical massage therapy.

The Holistic Medical Massage Clinic in Tacoma has the experience and expertise to get most of our patient's health insurance to cover services offered by our therapists.

If you have been injured on the job or as a result of a car accident, then most insurance companies cover medical massage therapy offered by our therapists at The Holistic Medical Massage Clinic in Tacoma.

Let us take the necessary steps to see if your insurance will pay for your massage therapy sessions at The Holistic Medical Massage Clinic in Tacoma.

We accept the following insurance:

  • Auto Accidents Insurance with Personal Injury Protection coverage
  • Labor &Industry; injury insurance
  • Major Medical insurance

If you are not covered by insurance, you’ll save money in our clinic because you’ll get more complete and profound service for your money. We hope that you understand great benefits of medical massage therapy we provide, and what difference we make in people’s life. Give it a try and you’ll get $10 off for your first visit.


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