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How To Get The Most Out Of The Holistic Healing

  • Print out articles from this page and others and read offline. Then put the desired techniques into practice by visiting a practitioner, taking a class, etc. with real people. Please try to avoid spending hours online looking for the answer. Healing and transformation can come gradually from putting the ideas and techniques into practice offline.

  • Read the Holistic Healing Fundamentals Web Page. In my experience, some people have limited success because they focus on one area of Holistic Healing, but ignore (for a variety of reasons) other areas. Holistic Healing involves addressing physical, psychological/emotional, and spiritual issues in order to promote healing and transformation. Some people may focus indefinately on changing their biochemistry with herbs, supplements and diet, but ignore other crucial aspects that *must* be addressed. Others may be focusing on spiritual development or psychological emotional healing, but are damaging their health physically with a poor diet, exposure to toxic chemicals, certain medications, etc. Obviously, a person can't focus on addressing all areas at once, but it is good to avoid getting stuck experimenting with and refining techniques involving just one aspect of Holistic Healing. So, please print out and read the information on the Holistic Healing Fundamentals Web Page.

  • Other major sections of the web page should be explored after printing out and reading through the Articles & Documents sections:

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