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Inner Healing Body Oriented Tools

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List of Modalities/Techniques


Like many powerful healing and transformational tools, body-oriented techniques focus on reconnecting, embracing and integrating all aspects of ourselves. These aspects include physical experiences (e.g., chronic disease), psychological/emotional experiences (some of which may not be fully resolved), and possibly energetic or spiritual experiences. Such a process, while difficult on occassion, can be tremendously healing.

Body-oriented healing and transformation techniques primarily use experiences in the body as a way to begin the reconnecting, embracing, and integration process. The movement of energy and the experience of emotions can play a very important role, but experiences in the body, and its structure & movement are a common starting point for the processes.


Physical and psychological healing benefits can be significant. This is nothing like looking for a supplement or herb to heal disease "x", but rather a process that can help promote deep "to the core" healing (especially when used in conjunction with other Holistic Healing Fundamentals). But like most things in the world, such a process is not for everybody. It is a process, and as such, there will be times of significant change as well as some times of uneven change/healing or frustration. Persons with a deep desire to heal or transform and with at least a small sense of adventure are best suited to this process.

General Tips

Working with a practitioner/teacher on a semi-regular basis and attending workshops whenever possible is the best way to pursue these healing and transformational processes (if onsite, intensive programs are not possible). While individual sessions can be very healing, emersing oneself regularly in the processes can help keep the healing and transformation process moving.

Other Considerations

For a period of time, I was able to come up with regular excuses as to why I couldn't pursue the body-oriented healing and transformational process in more depth. Some of the excuses were actually very good excuses! However, one I experienced the benefit, I internalized my intent to pursue this process. After that, the excuses I had became much less important and I found ways to attend classes, sessions, and workshops. Others have gone through similar stages.


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