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Inner Healing Transformation Introduction

Short Introduction

Many people find significant healing by making important and fundemental lifestyle changes such as moving towards a healthy, natural foods nutrition plan, adequate sleep, regular exercise, yoga, avoidance and removal of toxic substances from the immediate environment, etc. In addition, treatments by a holistic healthcare practitioner can often be an enormous help in healing an acute or chronic illnesses. Such treatments might include (but are not limited to) acupuncture, medical herbalism, detoxification techniques, massage, energy healing (e.g, reiki) & manipulative treatments (e.g., chiropractic, osteopathy), homeopathy, etc. All of these tools and treatment techniques can have powerful healing effects. It is almost always advisable to see a holistic healthcare practitioner for the treatment of a chronic disease.

Some people find limited healing success with the above-mentioned treatment techniques and are looking for something more. Others are interested in going deeper into the healing and transformation of the body, mind and spirit. In these cases, the powerful inner healing & transformational tools discussed on these web pages can help a person both release blockages that are preventing change and help a person discover a much deeper and more profound healing and transformation.

Categorization of Inner Healing & Transformational Tools in these pages is essentially an artificial construct. Some of the tools overlap into more than one category. However, I felt it was important to organize the tools in some way that would prove useful to the average person. The Inner Healing & Transformational Tools were broken down into four separate categories:

In each separate category there will be a short description of the origins, the benefits that people have obtained using these types of tools, followed by a listing of tools which fit within that category. For each listing of a specific type of tool, there will be a separate page which will include a short history, description of the process, benefits which might be expected, contraindications, and resources (including books, practitioner/teacher listings, classes, workshops, mailing lists, and career opportunities).

One thing that I have noticed is that in between the classes, workshops, sessions, etc. a person is still left to deal with life. One might think to themselves, "What good is a monthly or weekly session if I still have to struggle with life, poor health and other unwanted troubles the rest of the time?!" This is a legitimate question which I (and probably many others) have struggled with. The answer is that many of these techniques provide ways to incorporate some of the powerful techniques in the general flow of life so it is not only a once-per-week or once-per-month experience. In addition, some of the other techniques help transform our health and our view of life so that it is not so much of a struggle in between sessions. Finally, some of the techniques assume the eventual development of a regular, short practice as opposed to ocassional classes or workshops.

Another important observation is that since people are different, there will be many differences with what a person is able to use from a specific process. For example, I started with the Energy Circulation & Development Tools but within six months I found out through my own experiences and by the suggestions of several experienced teachers that I was not ready to focus on these techniques but needed to address other issues first. This included the use of Bioenergetics which helped me become more in touch with how feelings are manifested in my body and helped give me tools to keep the energy from the feelings moving on a day-to-day basis. Inner Peace Development Tools such as meditation helped me begin to get confortable being quiet with myself -- something I needed to do before I could go deeper on a day-to-day basis. The Breath-Directed Inner Healing Tools were then (and are) very helpful and healing. I found the Body-Oriented Inner Healing & Transformational techniques to be the most physicially and psychologically healing for me. I was not trying to use all of these tools at the same time as above-mentioned process of exploration happened over a period of many years.

I believe that most people are better off delving into one particular type of Inner Healing & Transformational practice with the help of a very experienced teacher and sticking to it for an extended period of time. This tends to work far better, in my opinion than constantly jumping around from practice to practice and from teacher to teacher. There are some people like myself, however, who may realize that they may need the development of other skills or use of other tools in order to facilitate their healing and transformation process.

In the Ideas for Choosing the Path Which Suits Your Needs web page, I will try to mention a few ideas that I have found helpful in selecting Inner Healing & Transformational tools. I am far from being a expert of Inner Healing & Transformation, so these web pages are primarily intended to present important techniques, resources, as well as my own personal thoughts and experiences. Please feel free to discuss any questions with persons who are expert with particular techniques presented as well as your primary holistic healthcare practitioner.

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