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Medical Referrals

We want to graciously thank you for the referrals you have sent in the past. The highest form of a compliment is the referral from our fellow health care professionals.

Many professionals in physical medicine believe that the most complete approach to treating many of musculoskeletal conditions is using a multi-disciplinary approach to physical medicine.

In fact, no one profession that deals in the various physical medicine modalities has the complete answer to most musculoskeletal conditions such as neck & back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches, to name a few.

We observed that most musculoskeletal conditions respond best when they have been treated using a multi-disciplinary approach to physical medicine. This approach includes the principles and modalities that incorporates clinical massage, chiropractic manipulative therapy, physical therapy and when necessary pharmaceutically based therapy.

For that reason we like to include other medical professionals in our team for treating patients with musculiskeletal problems.

Massage therapy has been the complementary therapy of choice
for many doctors and nurses... and we appreciate it!

The method in which health care is delivered is certainly changing, with more emphasis being placed on the delivery of those methods of care that have been shown to be clinically effective and cost-effective.

The physical medicine procedures and therapies provided by Holistic Medical Massage Clinic certainly fall under those parameters.

Medical massage therapists employed at Holistic Medical Massage Clinic work under the specific direction and / or prescription of a medical doctor, doctor of chiropractic or doctor of osteopathy.

Our staff at Holistic Medical Massage Clinic is fully trained to perform the necessary assessments, documentation, and progress reporting required by the insurance companies and medical community. We have the experience, expertise and staff to get most of our patient's massage and manual therapy covered by their health insurance plan.

For the referring doctor's convenience we have prepared an easy to fill out prescription form. If you are interested in becoming a part of our referral network please feel free to click on our prescription pad and print of a number of prescription forms for future use as the need should arise.

If you would be interested in joining our referral network please fill out the contact us form so that we will have your practice on file so that when the need should arise we may refer the public to your office.

Thank you for your time.
Zhanna Frumkin LMT, CNMT


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