ASP Stats Generator
Installazione ASP Stats Generator - v. 2.1.1

If you see this message it means that database and file path have been correctly adapted and now you can carry on with the configuration.

Site Name:
The name will be show into the pages title
URL used in local for testing [Optional]
Ufficial site URL
Site Email:
Reference Email of the site for comunications
Starting Visits:
Counting of the visitors will start from this value
Starting Hits:
Counting of the pages will start from this value
Filtered IP Addresses:
Insert IP addresses you would like to exclude from monitoring separed with ,
without using spaces
Time zone offset:     from Server time
   Server date and time are: 13/04/2005 1.24.10
Count server as a Referer     Count server as a Referer
strAsgIP Path Querysting. -->
    strAsgIP Path Querysting
Enable Monitoring Referer     Referer
Enable Monitoring Daily Monitoring     Daily Monitoring
Enable Monitoring Hourly Monitoring     Hourly Monitoring
Enable Monitoring IP Address     IP Address
Enable Monitoring Systems     Systems
Enable Monitoring Browser Languages     Browser Languages
Enable Monitoring Hits     Hits
Enable Monitoring Search Engine and Search Query     Search Engine and Search Query
Enable Monitoring Country     Country
Entry Password:    
Protection level:     None  Limited  Full