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In the United States, there are no schools of Osteopathic Medicine that have "Holistic Medicine" or "Alternative Medicine" as any significant part of the curriculum. Allopathic (drugs & surgery) Medicine is taught at these schools along with Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy. Compared to M.D. training, there is a slight extra emphasis on looking at the whole person and the possible cause of a disease. While these are all fine colleges to study Allopathic (drugs & surgery) Medicine, they are not useful for learning Holistic Medicine.

The Holistic Medicine Resource Center makes the following recommendations for persons in the United States:

  • Students interested in treating patients using Holistic Medicine techniques should consider studying:

    There are practitioners of these forms of medicine treating and helping persons heal from and prevent disease all over the United States. Until Osteopathic Colleges in the U.S. institute of Holistic Medicine program as part of their curriculum, new students wanting to start a Holistic Medicine practice are better off studying one of the above-mentioned systems of medicine.

  • Current students and current practitioners of Osteopathic Medicine who went to school in the United States can begin to expand their practice to include Holistic Medicine techniques by:

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