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"Pulled Back Muscle"

A pulled back muscle is a condition where the muscles of the back are injured due to a traumatic pulling of the fibers. This tearing of the fibers is known as a pulled back muscle and typically causes lower back pain.

A sudden or abrupt movement that causes the muscles to stretch can result in a pulled back muscle past their point of elasticity usually causing back pain. While some back strains are the result of a high velocity impact  (an example is a car accident that causes whiplash or Sciatica), other types of pulls are caused by repetitive strain and can result in a herniated disc.

For example, a person who maintains improper posture at a computer on a regular basis, or a tennis player who uses improper form may have their muscles tighten to the extent that something as simple as reaching for a salt shaker can cause them to pull a muscle and will than need to do back pain exercises. To add to the pain of a pulled muscle, the surrounding muscles react to the tear by stiffening to protect the injured muscle from further harm and back pain will set in. 

On average it takes about six weeks to recover from a pulled back muscle with some relief being felt after about three weeks.  Scar tissue will continue to form past six weeks in some cases and as long as a year in a severe pulled back muscle.

The first line of treatment is to support and protect the pulled back muscle, it helps them to be loosened up and to lessen the pain and minimize any inflammation. After the scar tissue has begun to accumulate, it will be important to perform procedures that help break down the scar tissue in the area of the pulled back muscle so as to let the muscle regain it's normal flexibility and lessen the chance of further injury. This is done through ultrasound, massage, chiropractic adjustments and back pain exercises and stretches.  After three weeks, the muscle strain usually benefits from a program of mild exercise.


Article courtesy of Steve Hefferon and Jesse Cannone of Get the facts on back pain and sciatica that your not getting from your doctor... free access to back pain articles, information, and research.

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