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What Our Patients Say about Us


We want to thank our wonderful patients for taking time out of their busy lives to provide testimonials regarding their therapeutic massage visits with us. Your kind words and friendship mean the world!

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Rebecca Nichols, Tacoma

“I came to Holistic Medical Massage Clinic to find help for stress headaches and a painful stiff neck. After 6 visits my headaches decreased to almost nothing and I regained the mobility in my neck. There turned out to be a side benefit I never anticipated. I suffered from long term low back pain and muscle spasms from a bad fall. The doctors said there was nothing else they could do but to prescribe me drugs. The neuromuscular therapy that put your body in "Balance" is exactly what massage happened to me. The treatment for my headaches and neck also eliminated the chronic pain and spasms in my back. It is nothing short of a miracle! No more meds and I feel good. Massage did what doctors couldn't. Holistic Medical Massage has given me a higher quality of life.”

Penny Holmes, Tacoma,

“It is a pleasure to recommend Holistic Medical Massage Clinic who has helped me attain my goal of running a marathon. My physical therapist suggested I try medical massage to help me recover from a leg injury. Massage therapists work effectively with my physical therapist and they were able to go deeply into my muscles. Therapists are very experienced and knowledgeable about massage and capable of choosing the appropriate type of massage for the medical situation. I highly recommend this therapy and I am so pleased with the results. “

Melani Spry, UP. WA

“I struggled with chronic headaches and neck pain for years. My doctor told me to just continue taking medication and to expect arthritis. When I heard about Holistic Massage Clinic, I was hopeful, but wasn’t expecting much relief. The results, however, have been amazing. I feel like a new person. I am so thankful for the care and expertise of therapists and highly recommend them.”

April Gibson, CMPE, CPC-Administrator Lakewood Surgery Center

“Therapist’s expertise from Holistic Medical Massage Clinic has allowed me to return to a pain free life after several years of progressively worsening pain of the shoulder, hip and knee. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for an alternative to traditional medicine.”

Trace Mierke, Tacoma

“Holistic Medical Massage Clinic is the best place that I have ever gone to treat my shoulder and low back injuries. The staff is totally committed to giving you the best treatments possible. I also appreciate their cooperative flexibility in keeping with my schedule.”

JoAnn Kahn, Tacoma

“I found that medical massage therapy is a much better way to treat my body than masking the pain. This is not just therapy but a healthy way to deal with my body’s physical weaknesses.”

Judy Singley, Tacoma

“I have suffered for many, many years with debilitating migraine and cluster headaches, as well as painfully tight shoulder, neck and back muscles. Since Zhanna touched me with her healing hands, I can honestly say, I have not had one headache that caused me to be bedridden. In fact, in the past, not even a prescription migraine medication helped. I would highly recommend Holistic Medical Massage to anyone who wants relief and healing.”

Barbara Radonich, P.T.
Owner Physical Therapy Associates

“I have known Zhanna Frumkin for 15 years and have recommended her to my patients. I have also been treated by Zhanna and have found her to be a very warm and caring person as well as an excellent massage therapist. She has helped my musculoskeletal problems tremendously! I highly recommend Zhanna for any musculoskeletal pain or injury.”


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