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Why our Clinic is Different?

Experience a different kind of massage therapy

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What is medical massage?

We offer Medical Massage Therapy with Neuromuscular Approach that explains relationship between every part of your body. It is a scientifically based Manual Therapy System that finds and treats the Cause of your Pain. These treatments are designed to treat and solve your specific problems for a short period of time efficiently with profound effect on your body.

Medical Massage Therapy with Neuromuscular Approach is a system of manually applied techniques designed to reduce pain, establish normal tissue tension, and create a positive tissue environment and to normalize the balance and the movement of the musculoskeletal system.

Holistic Medical Massage Clinic in Tacoma specializes in applying these manual therapy techniques under the prescription and supervision from a medical, naturopathic and osteopathic doctor, physical therapist and a chiropractic doctor.

On the first visit the therapist evaluates the patient by screening gait patterns and measuring the positioning of the body to determine musculoskeletal distortion, biomechanical dysfunction and soft tissue pathology that causes these patterns. An exacting analysis of proper posture and biomechanics explains the cause and effect relationship to pain. Once we know how your body works, we can determine the reason why you have pain and the other symptoms.

Then the therapist develops a treatment plan that is based on the knowledge of your body. We don’t guess, we know how to treat you because of exact analysis of your body and understanding of your problem. Your therapeutic massage treatment is custom designed for you because we apply pressure and specific techniques that are unique only for your body. That’s why our treatment is effective and different from others.

Once the body is balanced, the patient is able to restore an efficient way for energy to move. Free energy is used by the body to work more efficiently and improves all physiological activities.

In Holistic Medical Massage Clinic we use different therapeutic massage approaches and techniques depending on particular muscular and internal conditions.

We provide broad scope of massage treatments to deliver wonderful benefits of therapeutic massage for muscles, fascia, joints, ligament, tendons and soft tissue of internal organs.

We offer therapeutic massage for neck, shoulders, arms, elbows, wrists, hands, upper, middle and low back, legs, knees, ankles and feet.

We recommend massage therapy for pain management, improving skin, posture, body mechanics, blood circulation and blood pressure, breathing, detoxification, energy, immune system, stress relief and many other aspects of your health.

What is the difference between Medical Massage and Relaxation Massage?

Relaxation massage is usually performed by massage therapists working in a SPA-type setting and is described as a general, feel-good massage. These massage therapists while well trained in relaxation-based massage, generally lack both the knowledge and experience to treat specific musculoskeletal disorders.

Medical Massage Therapists at the Holistic Medical Massage Clinic in Tacoma have been trained in the following clinical criteria:

  • Medical Massage Therapy with Neuromuscular Approach is used as a specific manual therapy to the areas relating to the diagnoses provided by the primary care physician.
  • Medical Massage therapy with Neuromuscular Approach is applied to an region of the patient's body based on musculoskeletal distortion and soft tissue pathology.
  • Medical Massage treatments involve stages of manual therapy treatment whose goal is to correct imbalance in the muscle-skeletal system while reducing or eliminating pain.
  • Medical Massage applies the medical terminology, techniques and protocols used by the traditional allopathic, medical systems of health care.


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